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  • Easy To Track Salesman

    Sales Team Tracker facilitates you to track live location of your sales team with just one touch.

  • Easy to Use

    Use it with all the ease and comfort. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

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    You are only 2 taps away from downloading the app. One tap on relevant app store icon and another tap on install button.

About App

Perfect App For Business

Improve your sales team performance with Sales Team Tracker. The data of sales team provided by Sales Team Tracker assure that your most valuable investment i.e. your sales team- is giving their best and empowering you to make big decisions. There are many good reasons to be serious about sales tracking. You’ll have a better overview of your sales team activities by tracking their live GPS location, reports, leads and a lot more.

Benefits Of App

  • Track live GPS location of Salesman through mobile device and duration of visits is automatically calculated with mapped meeting locations.

  • We have developed it in such a way that network problem will not be able to affect it.

  • You can now track reports, tasks and leads in the easiest way available.

  • Each registered company can have three types of users i.e. Company admin, Manager and Salesman.

  • If our subscription plans don’t fit in your requirement then don’t worry, we can provide you a customized one.

Some outstanding features
that our app has

Track Leads

Salesman can create leads if he finds something interesting and those leads can be tracked and verified by Manager or Company admin.

Track Tasks

You can assign priority based tasks to your salesman anytime you want and can track the status of those tasks too.


App absolutely fulfills all the latest design measurements and most importantly it is so damn easy to use it.

Transfer Task

Salesman can transfer any task to another salesman if he/she is unable to accomplish it right on that time.

Track Current Location

You can track Real Time location as well as past date locations of each salesman added by you.

Track Daily Report

This will facilitate you to track what your salesman has done the whole day and what’s his plan for tomorrow.


We can definitely customize our subscription plans exclusively just for you so that our application can precisely get fit into your requirement.

24/7 Support

If you find any pros and cons while enjoying the app then quickly reach us!! We will be truly encouraged for doing better than what we have already done.

To customize your plan, please contact us at


  • Free
  • Max user limit: 5
  • Valid upto: 1 Month
  • Track time(Every): 1 minutes
  • Track Distance: 100 meters
  • Accuracy: Highest


  • 199/person/month
  • Valid upto: 1 Month
  • Track time(Every): 10 minutes
  • Track Distance: 500 meters
  • Accuracy: Lesser than Platinum and Diamond plans


  • 299/person/month
  • Valid upto: 1 Month
  • Track time(Every): 5 minutes
  • Track Distance: 300 meters
  • Accuracy: Lesser than Platinum but higher than Gold plan


  • 499/person/month
  • Valid upto: 1 Month
  • Track time(Every): 1 minutes
  • Track Distance: 100 meters
  • Accuracy: Highest

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